Kuroko’s Bishies

There was a time when I didn’t really see the point in sports anime. Then I realised sports anime are full of attractive males and potent shipping ground. And Kuroko no Basket has three full seasons and a lot of male characters. Thus, to celebrate the end of our beloved basketball anime, I have compiled a list of the hottest guys of the show, along with a rating how how well they would go with our main character Kuroko Tetsuya. (Minor spoilers!)

#7: Kagami Taiga (without his shitty eyebrows)


Kagami has an interesting personality; he’s passionate, persisting, loyal and a good friend. However, had I not stumbled upon this photo of him with normal eyebrows he probably wouldn’t be on this list. Thumbs up for photoshop.

Compatibility with Kuroko: 9/10

#6: Sakurai Ryou


This guy is funny and sweet and never misses a shot. His apologies are cute and adds something to the show that is rare for minor characters.

Compatibility with Kuroko: 4/10

#5: Aomine Daiki


Aomine is a bit of an ass through most of the show. But when he plays basketball he looks damn hot, and those skills of his are amazing. He does after a while turn good, and the final match between Touou shows his true love of basketball. And I always say, passion is the most attractive trait.

Compatibility with Kuroko: 8/10

#4: Kise Ryouta


Kise’s amazing ability to pick up any sport and be great at it, as well as mimic other players’ moves is astonishing. I like him a lot because out of all the Generation of Miracles, he’s the friendliest one, always nice to other people even if they are his opponents. And he’s a model.

Compatibility with Kuroko: 6/10

#3: Mayuzumi Chihiro


When I first saw this guy I thought nothing of him. When his secret skill was revealed, I was shocked, and believed it to be the end of Kuroko. Although he’s not a very present character, we get to see so much of his personality in those little moments. His tendency to think of himself as worthless to the team, apart from his misdirection, makes him a very relatable character.

Compatibility with Kuroko: 6/10 (ideal partner: Akashi!)

#2: Kuroko Tetsuya

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 14.46.22

To be honest, Kuroko himself isn’t necessarily hot, per se, but he has many attractive qualities about him. Being someone who never gives up, believes in his teammates, and always looks for ways to improve, makes him one of the most good-looking characters of the show. After all, he is the main character and it’s his journey we follow more than anyone else’s throughout the anime.

Compatibility with Kuroko (himself!): 5/10

#1: Akashi Seijuro

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 14.46.55

Akashi seems like the meanest guy in the world, but in reality he’s simply got a lot of pressure on him. We see relatively early that his father expects him to win the national championship, along with getting top scores at school and excelling in pretty much all areas of his life. Akashi starts out as a friendly guy, but turns cold when his team falls apart. And he is quite evil for a while. But he has a passion for winning, a passion for being better than everyone, that I find intriguing, and that’s why he’s the hottest guy in Kuroko no Basket. He’s the perfect combination of hard-working and downright insane.

Compatibility with Kuroko: 10/10

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