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I watched Another during the early hours when I couldn’t sleep. Perfect time for a horror, really. And honestly, I found it surprisingly satisfying to watch. It’s been a long time since I marathoned an anime, especially in a single night.

Now, Another got off to a rocky start. I went into not knowing a thing, except that it’s a horror. The first couple of episodes bored the hell out of me, so much I considered giving up my entire anime hobby (I was in the middle of an existential crisis). I could not care less about another high school anime. But my cousin promised me blood and action, so I persevered.

I genuinely liked the story once I was in on it. Getting past those few episodes and to the point where they reveal the truth about Class 3, it gets so much easier to watch. The plot is fairly original, which doesn’t happen too often in horror. Speaking of the genre, this one pulls of an eerie atmosphere. It’s not as good at setting the scene as, say, Shiki, but it definitely makes a noteworthy attempt.


However, towards the end I felt the anime became too predictable. Solutions are clear to the viewer, while the characters seem to struggle in the dark longer than necessary.

Sakikabara, the new guy in town, was far from my favourite character. He’s bland and lacks personality, and he’s a creepy stalker. I never quite understood what drew him towards Misaki anyway. Another thing that really bothered me, is how little he’s bothered with what’s going on in his class. It’s only at the half-way point he starts confronting his classmates and asking questions. Misaki also annoyed me at first, but I grew to like her. She’s cute when she begins smiling. Not much else to say about her, really.


My favourite character must be Akazawa, the class president, simply because of all the personality she’s given, and she’s not even the main character. She’s strong, reliable, and goes way out of her way to make sure her classmates are safe.

One last thing I think is worth mentioning is the clever symbolism. For example, there’s one scene where everyone’s in class and the teacher is telling them about personification – giving life to an object. And at the same time the class is doing the exact opposite, they’re taking life out of living beings.


Overall, Another is a decent horror anime. Although it has its faults, it’s well paced for a one-cour anime, and such a quick watch. It’s good entertainment and if you want you can try to read between the lines and look for foreshadowing. 7/10

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