Hinata’s Bishies

It’s time for another list of attractive sports anime characters, and this time I’m pulling out the cast from Haikyuu!! to find the hottest guys. Now, this one is tricky, because there are a lot of characters in this anime. Luckily, all the cute ones are mostly on the Karasuno team itself, so it makes things a bit easier. Without further ado, here are the hottest guys of Haikyuu!!, complete with their compatibility with the main character, Hinata.

#10: Kozume Kenma


I really like Kenma because I can relate to him so much. He’s shy and unsociable, and prefers spending time playing video games rather than seeing his friends. However, his dynamic with the team shows a trust between characters that really speak to the heart. And his friendship with Hinata is adorable!

Compatibility with Hinata: 8/10

#9: Sawamura Daichi


Daichi didn’t quite catch my eye until he got hurt and was taken off the match in season two. But he’s mature, handsome, and generally a good guy, which is why he gets a spot on this list.

Compatibility with Hinata: 4/10

#8: Tsukushima Akiteru


Let’s be real, the big brother card automatically qualifies you. Tsukishima’s older brother is one amazing character, despite how little we get to see of him. My favourite moment is when he breaks down crying in his room, because nothing is more attractive that delicious tears, am I right?

Compatibility with Hinata: 1/10

#7: Ennoshita Chikara


I was always curious about this guy, and when he got his own little arc, I liked him even more. Ennoshita represents the shadow within all of us, but also how to defeat it. Coming back to volleyball after his break, he became someone fit for the next captain position.

Compatibility with Hinata: 2/10

#6: Sugawara Koushi


Mr Refreshing! Naturally, he’d be on here. More cute than anything, I adore how he deals with the challenges in his life. When Kageyama outshines him on the court, he accepts it, and goes on to learn new skills that will let him work together with his kouhai.

Compatibility with Hinata: 5/10

#5: Tsukishima Kei


Tsukishima used to be a very mysterious character. Now that he’s had more screen time, his personality is slowly unfolded in front of us, and we’re learning who Tsukishima really is. His relationship with his older brother is adorable, and I’m very excited to see what will happen to this character in the third season.

Compatibility with Hinata: 4/10

#4: Hinata Shoyo


A list like this would not be complete without the main character! What I adore about Hinata is his disillusioned belief that he can beat anyone. And when he gets that scary look on his face, that’s when you know not to mess with this guy!

Compatibility with Hinata (himself!): 7/10

#3: Azumane Asahi


Asahi was the first character I really liked. When I saw him I went “hot, damn,” and the rest is history. Had it not been for his overly-sensitive personality, he’d probably be at the top of this list.

Compatibility with Hinata: 6/10

#2: Oikawa Tooru


I mean, just look at his face. The quality of animation really helps here, but damn, Oikawa is amazing. His playful nature and semi-friendly rivalry with the other teams is one stunning part of the show. And his serves are gorgeous.

Compatibility with Hinata: 3/10

#1: Kageyama Tobio


In the end, it was Tobio that landed himself the title of my official Haikyuu-boyfriend. His passion and development throughout the anime is probably the most interesting part of it all. He carries the baggage of being King of the Court, and has to learn to trust his teammates before he can improve his skill. Not only is he incredibly attractive, he’s also the perfect match for Hinata!

Compatibility with Hinata: 10/10

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