About the Blog

As you may have gathered from the title, Absolutely Anime is all about anime. Here, I write reviews, analyses, editorials, and other tidbits related to anime (and sometimes video games). While you might see an abundance of sports anime articles, I don’t have a specific genre I watch; I like all most kinds of anime! Take a look at my top 15 or head over to my anime list to get a sense of my taste. I also occasionally make videos on Youtube.

You’ll find the work here is biased and opinionated, but in no way set it stone! I encourage discussion and am always interested in hearing what makes an anime special to you.

About Eren the author

I’m a 20-something writer who, well, likes to watch anime (and play video games). With a BA in creative writing, I hope to use my knowledge and education to look at anime in a new light. I have a passion for (good) storytelling and I tend to analyse films and TV a bit too much for my own good. At the moment, I am situated in Norway, though I doubt I’ll stay for long (I like to travel too).

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