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Future of this blog.

Obviously I have been, ahem, very busy for the past few months. I haven’t even been watching anime save for a couple of episodes of Haikyuu when I’ve been really bored.

My area of interest has shifted greatly in a short amount of time. Of course, I’m not saying I don’t like anime anymore. What has happened is with everything going on in university, I’ve simply prioritised playing video games other important tasks and activities. Unfortunately I’ve been made to watch a lot of western shows due to my screenwriting class, as well having found interest in 80s and 90s films. And I’ve got a part-time job so anime and manga has ended up at the bottom of my to-do list.

However, fret not, my friends. I will get back to anime and I am in the process of persuading my partner into watching some FMA with me. I’ve still got my Crunchyroll account and a long list of things I want to watch.

For the time being though, I will not be following any airing anime, save for Digimon Tri, as keeping up with all the seasons is simply too time-consuming next to my studies. I’m focusing on my backlog for the next few months, searching for that new genre to get me hooked (I’m getting tired of sports anime..).

In other news I will be travelling for a bit in 2016 and Tokyo is on my itinerary! Head over to my personal blog to read about that.


Sunshine Blog Award Nomination!


Throughout my blogging career I’ve been nominated a couple of times for various tags, and always promised to follow up on them. I never did because of reasons like I forgot, didn’t have the time, etc, and I deeply regret this. Which is why I decided when I was nominated by the lovely Cassandra over at The Huge Anime Fan that this time I would participate for sure. Today I’ll be answering her questions relating to anime.

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