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Kuroko’s Bishies

There was a time when I didn’t really see the point in sports anime. Then I realised sports anime are full of attractive males and potent shipping ground. And Kuroko no Basket has three full seasons and a lot of male characters. Thus, to celebrate the end of our beloved basketball anime, I have compiled a list of the hottest guys of the show, along with a rating how how well they would go with our main character Kuroko Tetsuya. (Minor spoilers!)

#7: Kagami Taiga (without his shitty eyebrows)


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Turning tsundere made me understand them.

Edit: I wrote this like a year ago, and it was supposed to go along with my OreImo review at the time. That review is long gone now, but I figured I could still make something out of my tsundere notes. 


I’ve never been into tsundere characters. I’ve never understood the appeal of them. I know people, both online and in real life who adore them. But after watching OreImo, I just couldn’t relate. There’s nothing cute about this violent little girl with a bad mouth.

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Characters in Guilty Crown are actually people

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 12.31.50

Please note that I haven’t finished watching Guilty Crown, and would appreciate it if spoilers beyond the halfway point were left out of this discussion. I will probably write another post on Guilty Crown once I do complete it. 

Maybe I’m late to the party; 4 years late to be exact, but I’d still like to discuss Ouma Shu. I’ve been watching Guilty Crown (it’s taking me longer than I’d admit), and last night one specific episode resonated with me on a very emotional level. No, I didn’t cry, but for the first time I felt like I understood main character Shu, and the show. While the anime itself is within the action/sci-fi genre, I found certain themes that anyone, having super powers or not, can relate to. Episode 10 portrays depression and human insecurity better than I’ve seen in a long time.

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