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Summer Recommendations!

This post is slightly overdue as we’ve already entered into summer! But, as usual I want to recommend some shows that are good for watching during these summer days. Many of us are out of school and university, and have some extra time to kill, while some are working. Personally, I’m both (: Still, I plan on taking lots of time to catch up on anime I’ve wanted to watch for a long time.

On this list I’m recommending shows that are well suited for a holiday, both short one-cour ones along with some longer ones that require more time to finish. For those of you who read my blog way back when (before it was lost and I had to restart), might recognise some of the shows from last year’s list, but there will be new additions!

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Anime: Top 15

Things have changed since the last time I made a top anime list. The year of 2014 proved to hold some great titles, and combined with a good backlog, a greater number of newer anime forced itself onto my list. I even expanded it from top 10 to top 15 to make room for them all. So I’ve been working on this list for a while, and it’s finally ready to see the light of your monitor. Be aware that this list doesn’t include any films or OVAs. Behold, my 15 favourite anime!

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