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Hinata’s Bishies

It’s time for another list of attractive sports anime characters, and this time I’m pulling out the cast from Haikyuu!! to find the hottest guys. Now, this one is tricky, because there are a lot of characters in this anime. Luckily, all the cute ones are mostly on the Karasuno team itself, so it makes things a bit easier. Without further ado, here are the hottest guys of Haikyuu!!, complete with their compatibility with the main character, Hinata.

#10: Kozume Kenma


I really like Kenma because I can relate to him so much. He’s shy and unsociable, and prefers spending time playing video games rather than seeing his friends. However, his dynamic with the team shows a trust between characters that really speak to the heart. And his friendship with Hinata is adorable!

Compatibility with Hinata: 8/10

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Haikyuu!! Seasons 1 & 2


For a long time, I felt like Haikyuu!! was grossly overhyped. But when Kuroko no Basket came to an end, I picked up the volleyball anime in an attempt to fill the void. It didn’t work. In fact, I was so turned off by the idea of Haikyuu!!, that it stayed on-hold on my list for over a year before I picked it back up. I even thought of dropping it at points. But man, am I glad I didn’t.

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