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It’s shit: Guilty Crown.

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By the time I managed to finish Guilty Crown, I couldn’t fathom what it was actually about.

I got interested in the anime through a few friends. Mostly they hated it, but there was one person who praised it above anything else, and I had to know why; curiosity got the best of me. There must be something worthy about a show that enforces such strong feelings in people, whether they are positive or negative. And when I learned who was behind this title, my interest peaked.

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It’s shit: Toradora!


My most disliked characters.

I love hyped and mainstream anime. Some of my favourite titles include Shingeki no Kyojin, Death Note, Code Geass, and Steins;Gate. So when I didn’t know what genre to go with last fall, I decided to simply start with the “must-watch” of anime. I ended up picking titles Toradora, Mirai Nikki, and continuing with the infamous Sword Art Online II. Months later, I finally decided to drop most of them. We all know why SAO is a train wreck. I did expect to enjoy the other ones though.

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This is why SAO sucks

I never did make a review on Sword Art Online, because I felt like everything I wanted to say had already been said by other people. Writing my opinion on it would be redundant (I thought at the time). But I have since had a change of heart, after running into a certain someone at Anime & Games Society. This particular individual managed to insult me quite deeply by stating that the reason I didn’t like the anime must be because I don’t play video games myself. I didn’t speak to him any more at the time, but he led me to ponder for some time after. Firstly, he was wrong (on so many levels), because SAO is nowhere near a great anime, right? Secondly, can you enjoy a show even if you don’t know its context to real life?

In this first post, out of two, I’ll be covering these questions. Starting off by explaining why SAO isn’t a great anime. (THERE WILL BE SPOILERS).

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