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Understanding Wolf’s Rain

“When the world ends, Paradise will open, but only the wolves know how to find it.”

Wolf's Rain (8)

So I’ve watched Wolf’s Rain three times now, and only on the last watch did I get a sense of understanding the story, at least a little. Perhaps I was too young, watching it first at fourteen, or too uneducated to see the images and metaphors and get the bigger picture. Perhaps I was too narrow-minded, seeing only the story as it was presented and dedicating my attention to the handsome characters, instead of looking for the deeper message. I took the anime for what it was, and never bothered to ask questions or make comments, because to me, at the time, it made perfectly sense. It strikes me as funny, that it never once occurred to me to ask: what was that all about?

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Kuroko no Basket.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.40.27

I’ve dreaded writing this post with all that I am. Putting it into words would mean to acknowledge, to accept that something beautiful and bewitching has ended. And so Kuroko no Basket has aired its final episode and we’ve finally, unfortunately seen the end for our dear Kuroko Tetsuya. I’m putting a spoiler alert up here (for season three!) so please beware.

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Summer Recommendations!

This post is slightly overdue as we’ve already entered into summer! But, as usual I want to recommend some shows that are good for watching during these summer days. Many of us are out of school and university, and have some extra time to kill, while some are working. Personally, I’m both (: Still, I plan on taking lots of time to catch up on anime I’ve wanted to watch for a long time.

On this list I’m recommending shows that are well suited for a holiday, both short one-cour ones along with some longer ones that require more time to finish. For those of you who read my blog way back when (before it was lost and I had to restart), might recognise some of the shows from last year’s list, but there will be new additions!

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Winter Season 2015 Review


Not many of the Winter titles interested me, so I’ve gone back and watched older shows in the past few months. But among the few that I did decide to try out, there were some crap ones and some clearly worth my time. Let’s begin.

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Anime: Top 15

Things have changed since the last time I made a top anime list. The year of 2014 proved to hold some great titles, and combined with a good backlog, a greater number of newer anime forced itself onto my list. I even expanded it from top 10 to top 15 to make room for them all. So I’ve been working on this list for a while, and it’s finally ready to see the light of your monitor. Be aware that this list doesn’t include any films or OVAs. Behold, my 15 favourite anime!

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Final Fantasy XIII-series: Are They Worth The Effort?

lightning-final-fantasy-xiii-7757The frustration I felt when I finally finished Lightning Returns, the third and last Final Fantasy XIII game, cannot be put into words. I have been the biggest fan and defender of the “hallway game” Final Fantasy XIII for the past six months; but when I actually reached the end-point, I had to ask myself: Did I waste all that time just to reach this sort of ending? In the end, were they really worth it? And I’m not only thinking of the 200+ hours I spent playing the games, but also the days and weeks, hell, even months, I spent thinking about the moment I would see how it all ends, reading the fanfiction, listening to Leona Lewis’ My Hands on repeat, looking up merch online, and trying to convince people that this game series does in fact not suck. My disappointment about the ending roots deeply in me, but would I still recommend it to people?

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Anime: The Best and Worst of 2014

With another year over, I figured I’d say a few words about anime that came out in the recent year. This post is mainly a summary of memorable anime I’ve seen this year, starting with my favourites!

The Best

5: Noragami 7/10

This one didn’t grab my attention right away, but eased me into it after a few episodes. Only had time for a couple of arcs, but good ones at that. In finishing Noragami, you get that feeling that you’d like to see some more. Unfortunately, no second season in sight. It was good while it lasted.

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