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It’s shit: Guilty Crown.

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By the time I managed to finish Guilty Crown, I couldn’t fathom what it was actually about.

I got interested in the anime through a few friends. Mostly they hated it, but there was one person who praised it above anything else, and I had to know why; curiosity got the best of me. There must be something worthy about a show that enforces such strong feelings in people, whether they are positive or negative. And when I learned who was behind this title, my interest peaked.

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Kuroko no Basket.

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I’ve dreaded writing this post with all that I am. Putting it into words would mean to acknowledge, to accept that something beautiful and bewitching has ended. And so Kuroko no Basket has aired its final episode and we’ve finally, unfortunately seen the end for our dear Kuroko Tetsuya. I’m putting a spoiler alert up here (for season three!) so please beware.

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Winter Season 2015 Review


Not many of the Winter titles interested me, so I’ve gone back and watched older shows in the past few months. But among the few that I did decide to try out, there were some crap ones and some clearly worth my time. Let’s begin.

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Final Fantasy XIII-series: Are They Worth The Effort?

lightning-final-fantasy-xiii-7757The frustration I felt when I finally finished Lightning Returns, the third and last Final Fantasy XIII game, cannot be put into words. I have been the biggest fan and defender of the “hallway game” Final Fantasy XIII for the past six months; but when I actually reached the end-point, I had to ask myself: Did I waste all that time just to reach this sort of ending? In the end, were they really worth it? And I’m not only thinking of the 200+ hours I spent playing the games, but also the days and weeks, hell, even months, I spent thinking about the moment I would see how it all ends, reading the fanfiction, listening to Leona Lewis’ My Hands on repeat, looking up merch online, and trying to convince people that this game series does in fact not suck. My disappointment about the ending roots deeply in me, but would I still recommend it to people?

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This is why SAO sucks

I never did make a review on Sword Art Online, because I felt like everything I wanted to say had already been said by other people. Writing my opinion on it would be redundant (I thought at the time). But I have since had a change of heart, after running into a certain someone at Anime & Games Society. This particular individual managed to insult me quite deeply by stating that the reason I didn’t like the anime must be because I don’t play video games myself. I didn’t speak to him any more at the time, but he led me to ponder for some time after. Firstly, he was wrong (on so many levels), because SAO is nowhere near a great anime, right? Secondly, can you enjoy a show even if you don’t know its context to real life?

In this first post, out of two, I’ll be covering these questions. Starting off by explaining why SAO isn’t a great anime. (THERE WILL BE SPOILERS).

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