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Kuroko no Basket.

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I’ve dreaded writing this post with all that I am. Putting it into words would mean to acknowledge, to accept that something beautiful and bewitching has ended. And so Kuroko no Basket has aired its final episode and we’ve finally, unfortunately seen the end for our dear Kuroko Tetsuya. I’m putting a spoiler alert up here (for season three!) so please beware.

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Kuroko’s Bishies

There was a time when I didn’t really see the point in sports anime. Then I realised sports anime are full of attractive males and potent shipping ground. And Kuroko no Basket has three full seasons and a lot of male characters. Thus, to celebrate the end of our beloved basketball anime, I have compiled a list of the hottest guys of the show, along with a rating how how well they would go with our main character Kuroko Tetsuya. (Minor spoilers!)

#7: Kagami Taiga (without his shitty eyebrows)


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